Old HR Portal Retired

The old HRPortal has been retired and will be unavailable from now on.

You will be redirect to the new portal in 60 seconds

The new HRPortal located at https://hrportal.hr.uq.edu.au contains all the reports and processes that were available in the old HRPortal now.

How to navigate around the new HR Portal

When clicking on a report link in the navigation on the left a new window/tab will be opened for the report.


To get back to the main window/tab you can either close the window or the tab with the close button or use the close window button at the top right of the page.


The reports are now using a grid format to display the information which will provide you with more functionality. There is a help button on each report page that shows how the grids functionality works.


If you have any feedback or problems with the new HR Portal please email: hrhrss@uq.edu.au